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Social Media Safety

  1. Keep your privacy settings high in order to avoid an abuser using your page to gather information about your location. Periodically, check your privacy settings since platform updates can alter the settings leaving you vulnerable.
  2. Use a strong password that your abuser doesn’t know. Change associated email address and password bi-monthly to avoid an abuser hacking your account.
  3. Limit the amount of identifying information you use, like your birth date, address, full name, etc. Use a nickname or middle name for your accounts.
  4. Post pictures and status updates after the fact. Posting in real-time may reveal your current location or your make your home or car venerable to break in. Turn off your location in your phone’s setting to avoid geotagging your posts.
  5. Avoid “Checking In” to your location on a social media.
  6. Before closing the browser, logout of your account.